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  • The country editors decide on the acceptance of a submitted contribution for review.
  • Submissions accepted by the country editors will then be proofread and selected in the national languages.
  • Two editors read the submitted articles independently of each other.
  • The editors decide on the acceptance of the articles and then inform the authors about the result of this process: rejection or acceptance or acceptance with reservations.
  • In the case of “acceptance with reservations”, the authors are asked to revise their article along the instructions (several times, if necessary). Upon resubmission, authors provide a brief explanation of the changes made. The editors then review the contribution again.
  • Once the editors propose an article for publication, the editors make a final decision on its acceptance.
  • The editors edit the article, if necessary with the involvement of the authors, so that it is finally published in a timely manner.

All activities of the editors and the editorial team are carried out on a voluntary basis. For this reason, please understand that there may be delays in the process if this group of people has to prioritize other commitments. Improvements in this regard are being implemented on an ongoing basis.

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