Editor's Notes

Who are the editos?

Content editing and proofreading is provided by the Adventure Therapy Institute (ATI) editorial team. The editorial team consists of

Sylke Iacone (Germany)
Languages: German & English

Alexander Rose (Spain)
Languages: Spanish & English & German

Christiane Thiesen (Germany)
Languages: German & English

ZIEL-Verlag (represented by Alex Ferstl) provides the templates, website and publishing expertise as an experienced publishing partner.

The goal should be,

  • as soon as possible,
  • internationally,
  • in the national languages
  • to serve the topic “Adventure Therapy” in a network.

In order to do justice to the networking and European idea, we leave it up to the authors in which language they would like to publish.

Unfortunately, for reasons of cost, no translation work can be done.

To ensure the quality in the different languages, there are volunteer editors in different countries who are personally known to us and enjoy our trust.

Country editors

The editors from different countries consist of personalities who are connected to the field of Adventure Therapy, who are practically, theoretically and research-wise involved with the topic, who are personally known to us and who enjoy the trust of the editors.

What do the editors do and what does this mean in concrete terms?

  1. you are the first contact person for all articles published from your country.
  2. For this you are the collection point for articles from your country with your own e-mail address (e.g. editors-nl@adventure-therapy-edition.com (Holland) / editors-es@….(Spain)/ editors-be@…. Belgium) – no forwarding to private mail addresses possible
  3. You are the contact point to the authors in your country.
  4. You proofread the articles in your national language (editing, proofreading).
  5. You make sure that the articles are written in the given template and comply with the specifications (of course we support if necessary 😉).
  6. When the articles are ready for publication, you contact the editorial team and send them to: editors@adventure-therapy-edition.com
  7. You will be in contact with the editorial team Sylke, Alex, Christiane to make further changes.
  8. The editors send the final version to the ZIEL Verlag and the ZIEL Verlag puts the article into the final PDF version (there is no review of the content).
  9. ZIEL Verlag sends the final version back to the editors as a PDF.
  10. The editors send the final PDF version back to you.
  11. You send the article back to the authors as a PDF for a final check and ask for approval of the article by email.
  12. The authors then send their approval back to you.
  13. You send the approval including the original email from the authors to the editors: editors@adventure-therapy-edition.com
  14. After final review, the editors send the original release of the authors with the PDF back to the ZIEL publishing house.
  15. THEN the ZIEL editor publishes the article on the website.
  16. There is a Nextcloud that you can access to collect the articles. Here you will also find an Excel sheet with an overview of ALL steps of the process

Editors and publishers networking

  • You take part in an online meeting, if possible once a quarter, in which it will be decided which articles should go online (one participant per country).
  • It would be nice if the country editors could meet face-to-face every 2 years at the “Gathering Adventure Therapy Europe/ GATE”.

This sounds more complicated than it is, but you should know the overall process. This is available in the individual steps as a PDF download.

For scientific papers (like doctoral or master theses) there will be an extra procedure. If you receive any requests in your country, please forward them directly to the editorial team. There will be a peer review process (double-blind). This is also explained on the page for authors.

How do I become an editor?

You can contact the publishing team or editor in your country.
We look forward to hear from you and would be happy to explain the process to you personally.

We are looking forward to you and would like you to introduce yourself briefly in your language with a photo to the authors and readers of your country. (Photo + a few sentences “Who are you?” + contact address/ mail address)

Time required

The amount of work can range from a little to a lot.

Means: We leave it up to the editors how much time they want to and can invest. Of course, we assume that the editors are critical-constructive readers of the articles in the “Journal Adventure Therapy”. It is also important to see oneself as an ambassador of the topic in one’s own country. In order to receive articles, it would be helpful if you would spread the idea of the “Journal” in your country.

We are always pleased about cooperations, critical comments, suggestions, impulses and a benevolent basic attitude 😉


You would be the liaison for your country for publications in the “Journal Adventure Therapy”. What is published there, first goes through your desk. This way, together with the editors, you will have an overview 10ort h developments and happenings in your country. This can mean that you become a key figure 10ort he relevant networks.

The „Journal Adventure Therapy“ is run on a non-profit basis by all involved. If everything goes well, we can talk about compensation at some point. But even then, there can and probably will never be a serious monetary reward 10ort he work you do as an editor. Here we are very realistic and experienced.

We would be happy if 1-2 committed people from each country would be available as editors, who also see themselves as ambassadors for Adventure Therapy.

Kind regards from the editorial team

Sylke Iacone

Alexander Rose

Christiane Thiesen