Practice & Methodology

Under the heading “Practice & Methodology” you will find contributions from practitioners in the field of applied methodology and practice.

Practitioners are people who work in the fields of rehabilitation, therapy, education, psychiatry and related fields.

Practice contributions can focus on the implementation of a measure or the handling of a topic in an individual institution, with a specific target group or on a specific topic.

Here you will find contributions that take a more general perspective on the topic in question, making reference to relevant professional literature and discussions (without thereby claiming to be a research paper).

“Time-IN®” in nature – trauma pedagogy meets systemic nature and experience therapy

Adventure Therapy as adjunct treatment inpatient therapy of addiction and psychosomatic patients in the Fontane Clinic

Is going out always “going in”? Exploring when and how physical activity in nature can enhance the experiential qualities of the therapeutic process.

SUPERA’T * An adventure therapy selective and indicated drug prevention program for adolescents in Spain

The Trip to Panama