Adventure Therapy as adjunct treatment inpatient therapy of addiction and psychosomatic patients in the Fontane Clinic

Thomas Klein-Isberner, Katja Wenzel


Adventure therapy in the Fontane Clinic is not an independent therapy, but rather an adjunct treatment and thus a possible form of intervention within the framework of our range of treatments. It has been used in a variety of ways since 1995, especially in the treatment of addicted patients. A high level of emotional involvement, i.e. intensive “experience”, comes with every therapy and is a condition for change. Through reflection the content of adventure therapy is closely linked to the psychotherapeutic process. This interlocking is the real novelty of experiential therapy in the inpatient therapeutic process. Thus, adventure therapy offers “a new framework for working on psychotherapeutic topics such as trust, dependence, self-esteem and identity” (Koth 1996).

Keywords: Adventure Therapy; addiction therapy; Fontane Clinic; adjunct treatment; effects

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