Na­tu­re Con­nec­ted­ness th­rough Na­tur­eba­sed Psy­cho­the­ra­py


Authors: Tanya Uhnger Wünsche


The world is fa­cing over­whel­ming hu­man and en­vi­ron­men­tal he­alth chal­lenges, and our sys­tems are on the ver­ge of col­lap­se (UNDP 2023). Vie­w­ing hu­mans and na­tu­re as one, or as in­se­pa­ra­b­ly con­nec­ted to one an­o­ther, may hold the key to sol­ving a num­ber of our pre­sent glo­bal cri­ses, if psy­cho­the­ra­pists and other the­ra­peu­tic staff work de­li­bera­te­ly with the goal of get­ting more cli­ents to per­cei­ve and un­der­stand the ur­gent im­portance of res­to­ring a hu­man-na­tu­re con­nec­ted­ness re­la­ti­onship. If done ti­me­ly, the­re is po­ten­ti­al to crea­te ch­an­ges in self-per­cei­ved men­tal he­alth sta­tus, sus­tainable at­ti­tu­de, and be­ha­vi­or towards both on­es­elf and the out­side world.


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