Phy­si­cal Ac­ti­vi­ty Club: An ad­ven­ture the­ra­py-ba­sed ap­proach to ta­ck­le child­hood obe­si­ty (Qua­li­ta­ti­ve Stu­dy)


Authors: Asiye Busra Sirin Ayva & Sophie Edwards


To­day, ne­ar­ly a third of child­ren aged 2 to 15 are li­ving with over­weight or obe­si­ty (PHE, 2020). Mo­re­Li­fe UK de­li­vers tail­or-made, evi­dence-ba­sed and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal­ly in­for­med he­alth im­pro­ve­ment pro­gram­mes to in­di­vi­du­als and fa­mi­lies. Ho­we­ver, at­ten­dance ra­tes at weight ma­nage­ment pro­gram­mes are an on­go­ing is­sue for child­ren and young peo­p­le and their fa­mi­lies. This pro­gram­me aims to help child­ren li­ving with obe­si­ty to pur­sue a he­alt­hy life­style while ma­na­ging their weight. The pro­gram­me is de­si­gned ba­sed on ad­ven­ture the­ra­py fea­tures and has ten weekly ses­si­ons to co­ver obe­si­ty-re­la­ted to­pics, such as nut­ri­ti­on, phy­si­cal ac­ti­vi­ty, sleep, and stress via ad­ven­ture ther-apy ac­ti­vi­ties. The­re is also com­ple­men­ta­ry pa­ren­tal in­ter­ven­ti­on such as fa­mi­ly webi-nars, on­line mee­tings, and di­gi­tal pro­gram­mes. The fa­mi­lies are im­ple­men­ting he­alt­hy life­style ch­an­ges in their life­style. Ad­ven­ture the­ra­py-ba­sed ac­ti­vi­ties pro­vi­de the nec-es­sa­ry sti­mu­li nee­ded by child­ren and help child­ren re­mem­ber and im­ple­ment the­se ch­an­ges.

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