The Trip to Pa­na­ma


Author: Jochen Hotstegs


Ja­nosch first pu­blished the child­ren’s book “The Trip to Pa­na­ma” over 50 ye­ars ago. Ba­sed on this book and the need for a group the­ra­py of­fer, a new con­cept was de­ve­lo­ped for a re­si­den­ti­al group. Group the­ra­py was de­ve­lo­ped for boys aged 8 to 12 who have con­duct dis­or­ders (F91). Due to the fle­xi­bi­li­ty of the con­cept, the dif­fe­rent the­mes of the boys can ther­eby be ta­ken into ac­count. The pro­gram con­sists of ele­ven units and is in­te­gra­ted into ever­y­day group life. It re­li­es on group-re­la­ted out­door units, group-re­la­ted units that come to the re­si­den­ti­al group by post and self­stu­dy units. The ar­tic­le de­scri­bes both the con­cept, the pro­gram flow and the ex­pe­ri­en­ces af­ter the first run.

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