Trau­ma-In­for­med Care: We Care, You Care, Self-Care


Authors: Maurie Lung & Bobbi Beale


Hu­mans are de­si­gned to ta­ck­le and sur­vi­ve all sorts of cri­ses. But we do have li­mits. Self-care is vi­tal for buil­ding re­si­li­ence around tho­se st­res­sors in life that you can’t eli­mi­na­te or avo­id. Ho­we­ver, we of­ten strugg­le with – or set asi­de – our own needs for care. Re­se­arch reve­als the sci­ence be­hind ad­ver­si­ty and of­fers new ways of un­der­stan­ding the ad­ver­se events that im­pact us. We must re­spond to our own strug­gles with self-com­pas­si­on, gi­ving our­sel­ves the same kind­ness and care we’d give to a good fri­end.
This dis­co­very work­shop crea­ted op­por­tu­ni­ties for par­ti­ci­pan­ts to ex­plo­re a va­rie­ty of stra­te­gies that dis­rupt the stress cy­cle and help us to re­train our brains and bo­dies, not only to fos­ter re­si­li­ence, but to help us all live he­alt­hi­er, hap­pier li­ves and al­low us to do what we love to do: tre­at, teach, and heal the world.

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