“Time-IN®” in na­tu­re – trau­ma pe­dago­gy meets sys­te­mic na­tu­re and ex­pe­ri­ence the­ra­py


Author: Annette Bergmann


The idea of “Time-IN®“ de­ve­lo­ped over a pe­ri­od of around 10 ye­ars in the con­text of working with child­ren and ado­le­s­cents who could not find their place in youth wel­fa­re or could not keep it or – view­ed from out­side – did not want to keep it and who „blew up“ exis­ting sys­tems. That cal­led for a new ap­proach. „Time-IN®“ of­fers a space for de­ve­lo­p­ment that bund­les the he­al­ing powers of na­tu­re in or­der to in­itia­te ch­an­ge pro­ces­ses with the aim of re­co­gni­zing „so­ci­al­ly and sys­tem-com­pa­ti­ble“ per­spec­ti­ves and en­ab­ling the par­ti­ci­pa­ting peo­p­le to live an en­ri­ched and „hap­pier“ life.

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